About the Collection

The Legends of Wondermist collectible cards are the official Woodies metaverse game NFTs. They contain special properties and boosts that can be utilized by game developers in the Woodies community to build unique and fun card games. They will also be used in Woodies World (Decentraland) for special games and challenges.

Mint Information

3 cards per pack
bonus card for woodies holders in each pack
pack Price

20 Incredible Artists

DeslucreceDiela MaharanieWaxbonesStreetBeastsArtMike ShinodaGiantcatzAmrit Pal SinghmrLakonLopiartNewcolossalTamara NederkoornJawdaneFuji-s4m4Wayne ChuLeorixZack RitchieRnPLuna Leonisger.cRaahat Kaduji